Wagon Wheel – WIP- Partial

I’m being uke-productive today. After doing a recording of ‘In My Mind’ (I played that one in front of actual people so I thought I ought to… and having recorded ‘Turn it On’ yesterday (was it yesterday? I feel like I’ve lost all sense of time.), I opened up the tab for Wagon Wheel on Ultimate Guitar again.

(Aside: Ultimate Guitar’s loud ads annoy the hell out of me. I feel like if I mute an ad and pause it, I should not have to deal with it again until I refresh the page, but without fail, I will suddenly get some kind of deafening garbage which I have to scroll way down to the bottom of the page to stop if I stay on the page and divert to something else for a few minutes.  I know commercials have always been obnoxious, but seriously, stfu.  If someone is diligent and working hard, they might be on a single page for a very long time. You’re seriously going to make me stop what I’m doing to scroll 100000 miles down the page to unclick mute and pause just so I can hit them again? That’s bullshit.)

Working the strum pattern with ‘Turn it On’ was absolutely the right choice, because as I work on Wagon Wheel, having drilled the strum a lot, I’m now able to learn the words without having to break the strum down and build it back up again.  It does hiccup a bit in the chorus and I screw up.  I expect the pattern likely changes a bit there, which may be the cause for the issue. I have to open the song up and listen to the chorus to figure out where i’m getting hung up.

In any case, here’s a partial – just a clip up to the first chorus – of what I’m currently working on:

(This time, I’m playing on the Kala KA-15S).

Until Next Time, plugging away and moving forward, at least on one of my instruments.

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