This time, with a full, if clumsy play through (complete with random internet beeps…).  I tried this time with the Darius Rucker lyric “leave town” instead of “up and leave”. Maybe it’s a Northerner thing, but I think part of my issue with why I’m having such trouble with this lyric is that I’ve never said “up and leave”. I don’t know anyone who’s ever said “up and leave”, or “up and…” anything for that matter.  Up is not a verb, at least, not where I’m from. When I try singing it that way, it’s awkward, and it kind of comes off a bit snarky, or at least like I’m not taking the sentence very seriously, so I decided to try it with the ‘leave town’ lyric. It’s easier to sing, though I feel like it’s a bit like cheating, just because I feel silly saying ‘up and leave’.  I’ve changed one or two of the other words, too. I changed a ‘now’ to ‘down’.  I think I dropped an ‘only’.

This could very well be related to my speech patterns. Vishalicious of Ugly Bass Face and I were talking about this recently. He worded it better than I am. I forget exactly how he said it and am too lazy to go back and look for it. But, I’m definitely noticing it in this song. He just speaks in a different sort of overall flow than I do, and while I’m sure with enough practice I can replicate it, I’m not sure I should try, as long as I get the general idea.

Not perfect, but coming along. If I can just stop getting hung up trying to remember the words…

Until Next Time, it’s coming along, in a slightly edited sort of way.