So, back in July, I posted a rant about Yousician regarding mostly, sound recognition errors. 

Those of you who’ve been following my adventures will remember it because Yousician spontaneously responded in an effort to troubleshoot (first off, if I’m complaining, the problem is already virtually untroubleshootable from my end, so shut up. I’m good at troubleshooting. Ego aside, I’m better at it than most.), and look good, I guess.

Since then, it’s become the post that will not die.  It’s 4 months old, and people are still finding it.

That makes sense from people having issues with the program. They’re probably googling it, looking for some insight into what’s going wrong, and relieved to find they’re not alone.  But, for the life of me, I have no idea why I’m getting comments from people NOT having issues, 4 months later, unless Yousician is sending them my way to try to discredit the post.

Is that paranoid? Yes, but I can’t think of a more logical explanation, because there is no reason I can think of that someone NOT having issues with the program would have to look for 4 month old blog posts on virtually unknown blogs just to tell me they are having no issues with the program. These are not followers of my blog, but sort of random people who periodically pop up for the sole purpose of commenting on that one ancient post, so I can’t figure out where they’re finding it, and why they’re even looking.

Now, for the record, I have tried yousician unplugged on one or two occassions since that post, and it has gotten worse for me. There are no problems whatsoever with my built in mic, so for the time being, I stand behind my previous assertion, but, I can’t help but find it interesting, and a little suspicious, that the post refuses to die.

And, frankly, I’m tired of talking about it.  If it keeps up, I may have to do the unheard of and edit a post on my blog-diary to note I will no longer be accepting and/or acknowledging comments on it.  It’s ancient history, people. Leave it be.

Until Next Time, trying to kill the zombie-post once and for all. It’s not interesting enough to devote additional energy to.