Wonderful Tonight, Day 2

This will be an uncommonly brief post.  There are no new amazing developments yet on working with ‘Wonderful Tonight’.  I’m still clumsy about those bends, but in terms of memory, the progression is really quite simple, so it’s basically cake to remember the order of the notes on the intro.

That meant today, I could stack on the next bit, and learn the chord progression, so today’s clip is me adding on the briefest or run-throughs on  that.

The chords here(if I am to take the ones I’m being given by the lesson at face value, which I am deciding to do because they made no mention of changing the key) are all pretty simple and straight forward. G, C, & D in the verse. G, C, D, & Em in the chorus. So, no new chords for me on this song.  I think the technique focus for this one is primarily about the bends, and about transitioning between notes and chords. Definitely valuable practice in its own right, but there’s nothing remarkably new and different going on that’s blowing my mind. I’m familiar with playing notes because of Lean on Me (which, by the way, I still fudge the outro on. I will have to figure out how I want to do that outro eventually so the song doesn’t completely fall apart at the end, but whatever.), and I’ve got plenty of practice with G, C and D, which I feel like are the ukulele equivalent of a ‘You are Here’ sign.  They just seem to be the basis from where all else stems when it comes to uke. It makes sense, of course, since they’re easy chords and switching between them is remarkably energy efficient. But, there are sure moments in my uke lessons where it feels like if you know G, C, and D you can play almost anything. That’s unrealistic, of course, but it does give you an idea of just how prevalent they are.

Anyway, I think I’ll be moving right into a full play through possibly tomorrow or the next day. Then it will just be a matter of repetition until I have the playing down solidly enough to start trying to add in the vocals.

I don’t really want to say this too soon and jinx myself, but overall it seems the process of learning songs, at least on uke, is getting easier, at least insomuch as I’m finding it more apparent how to move through the process in a series of steps.

Until Next Time, moving fairly steadily forward for now.

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