Done in Sketchbook on my tablet. Limiting myself to half a dozen layers is pretty tough, but I’m getting used to it. I always feel compelled to not merge layers until the end, just in case, but when you have a maximum number of layers, you definitely have to plan well.

This started out as a drawing of an original character of mine, but it ended up not looking particularly like that character. Whatever. 🙂

Curly hair is stupidly fun to draw, btw.

If you are inclined toward art-related gear, this one can be found on my redbubble: here.

2 thoughts on “Clockwork

    1. Hah, well, not precisely started out one way. It was actually the very first line that stopped it from being the character in question (or, a de-aged, ultra-femme version of him at least). I’m not about to pretend this looks even remotely like a male character, so I just kind of went ‘well, whatever. I like the hair so I’ll just keep going’ really early on.

      I can see tons of issues in it, but you’re always more critical of your own stuff than other people tend to be, so thanks.


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