Holiday Art

After our Halloween adventures at the office, it seems that people are feeling crafty in the office for the first time ever. Normally, we throw up some window stickies and call it a day.

This year, though, they started with paper snowflakes. That led to paper trees, and paper ornaments, and…well, there’s lots of paper art floating around.

I want to do something artsy, too! But, I can’t be like everyone else, right? Besides, my paper snowflake skills are pretty abysmal.

So, this weekend I drew myself a christmas tree and a snowman to cut out and put up instead.

(These were done in sketchbook.)

So, printed out several copies, and cut some wiggly computer paper to make snow beneath, spread them across my back window. So, I’m festive now.

As usual, I drew a thing, so it’s up on redbubble. If you’re so inclined, I believe there is about a week left to get them in time for Christmas. (I suggest you check redbubble’s site to confirm their drop dead dates on holiday shipping.)

Snowman: here

Christmas Tree: here

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