Ron Weasley: King for A Day, and my adventures with the Infinite Painter app

Ron weasley.png

This is another one I drew with the intention of making a nice print to send off to a friend for the holidays. One of my friends is a huge Ron Weasley fan.

And, in the interest of trying all the art apps I’ve downloaded, this one was done in Infinite Painter. This is a program that, at a glance, has a feel that’s very reminiscent of Corel Painter. It’s definitely geared towards replicating the look of actual paint, and to that vein (preface: I was using the free trial. It appears the full version has even more brushes) has several options for ink and paint, etc.  This, in and of itself, is cool, but not unique. Artrage has been doing this since just about the dawn of time. Several other programs also replicate paints quite well.

What does stand out about Infinite painter is the pinch and swivel that allows you to rotate the canvas on the fly. The trouble: it sometimes freezes, and then you can end up stuck with a picture that is locked upside down. There is a way around it, but it will take several taps to make it happen, which defeats the purpose of the quick swivel.

The swiveling does get around the lag that I experienced in Ibis, but if it’s unreliable, that’s really not worth a damn.

This also happens to be the only program of the 3 I’ve tried so far that crashed while I was working. 4 times. One of those times, the crash swallowed a layer and I ended up having to repaint the brooms.

I know the program has layer filters, because I accidentally turned them on several times. However, I wasn’t able to figure out where to find them when I actually wanted them, so I’m going to hazard that this is also the least intuitive.

Up side for my fellow lefties is that you can drag and drop the toolbar to a few different locations. So, unlike ibis, I wasn’t constantly bumping the toolbar by accident. But, between bumping the toolbar and having a program that randomly crashes…eh, yeah, I’ll probably take the toolbar bumping more often than not.

It does limit layers (at least, it does in the free trial; I don’t know if this is true of the paid version), but there are still plenty; where sketchbook for galaxy maxes at 6, Infinite Painter maxes at around double that.

The overall aesthetic of Infinite Painter feels like the bastard child of Adobe and Corel, really, and if it wasn’t for the crashing, I probably would buy it and just take the time required to learn where the heck all the menus are. As it stands, I’ve still got several other programs to experiment with, but Sketchbook and Ibis are beating Infinite Painter at the time being. The crashing wouldn’t be a deal breaker if it had only happened once. Once, I can consider a fluke. But 4 times? That’s not a fluke. So, I’m pretty lukewarm to the program at the moment.

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