Funny, how that happens

It’s funny how things happen.

We all know by now that my relationship with guitar and bass is weird and erratic, but I spent a good 3 days this week without touching the ukulele either.  I didn’t quite plan it that way, but shit happens.

First, I got my Christmas bonus, and decided to use part of it to splurge and finally buy myself a ps3.  Since the 4 is out now, I figured I could get a deal. Well, a new ps3 this week was only about $50 less than the ps4, which is just nuts, so after inquiring about the warranty, I went against my own rule of not buying used electronics. Since I bought a used console, I swallowed two days running it through the ropes to make sure everything was functioning properly.

On the third day I realized that I have a holiday party to attend this weekend, so really couldn’t put off shelling nuts any longer. It took an ungodly number of hours, after which my thumb actually hurt, so that was three days without playing any instruments, much against all plans to the contrary.

So, when I picked up my uke Sunday night, I was expecting the worst. I also realized I have been drilling the ‘wonderful tonight’ riff and not played through the other songs I know in at least two weeks, so I decided to do a recap instead.  It was clumsy, but not too terrible considering my inexperience and lack of practice.

Here’s where things got funny: ‘Lean on Me.’. I’ve mentioned several times that I couldn’t figure out how to do the outro. I tend to just wing it, and not necessarily well. Well, on the first run through, it suddenly clicked. ‘What if I do this?’ And, damn it if it didn’t work just right. Struggle over it for months. Get hit with the solution on the fly.  I found myself scribbling the tab on a paper towel at 11:05 pm so I wouldn’t forget it by the time I woke up.

I won’t share it yet, because it really sounds pretty terrible due to lack of practice, and fumbly novice fingers, but maybe some time soon.

I don’t know what I’ve learned to make it click, or what, piece of the puzzle snapped into place that gave me something that works, but apparently the gears are turning.

Until Next Time, just cross your fingers that I don’t lose that paper towel before I memorize what I wrote on it!

4 thoughts on “Funny, how that happens

  1. I think that learning an instrument is not linear. There are those ‘epiphanies’ when something clicks and there’s a big leap in understanding.


    1. Which would be fine if I understood what I’m understanding! Lol.

      Well, to be fair, I get it slightly. It was sort of like I decided I should maybe do a short melody in a certain spot rather than just chords. It somehow makes more sense. But, I can’t say what led me to that conclusion or harness it in any conceivable way moving forward.

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      1. What I find interesting is that you’re learning several stringed insruments at once. I did notice a faster growth in my understanding of each others (instruments) roles while learning guitar, bass and uke.


      2. You see the connections faster, from a functional level, but I won’t even pretend I’m not mostly learning ukulele. I just haven’t dedicated the same amount of time to the other two yet. Enough to grasp basic concepts faster, I think, but everything else goes much slower.

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