Well, I went and wrote my very first song. Poetically it’s kind of a mess, but I noticed long ago that good songs sound like bad poems when you take the music away (maybe I should go through my bad poems and see if they’re salvageable with music? lol), so maybe I’m the worst possible person to judge that.

It’s definitely not great (and certainly not very rock – punk or otherwise 😉 ), but I happened across a chord progression and rhythm that I sort of took to, and decided, in that totally random Shelby-sort-of way to start pasting words to it and see if any of them stuck. That was yesterday, while watching Childhood’s End on syfy.

This is the very first full playthrough. It still requires practice, ironing out, and memory. I was totally reading it off a print out in itsy print in a room that really needs better lighting if I’m going to be reading tiny printouts in the black of night. It should be a little more smooth when I remember all the words and which order I put the chords in in the places I changed it up.

(recorded on my Ibanez uke, which is actually the quietest when unplugged, so may realistically be the best to record things with as long as I’m using my phone anyway.)




This Way (Or some other, more interesting title)

So you know/we’re all alone/

all alone.

And I can’t say/if that’s okay/

but it’s okay/ we’re born this way.



What would you give/for a life better lived?

I think that I’d give a song.

And when I look back it’s/all that I ask/

to stop looking /back at/ dark corners of fact/

that live between layers of lies.


So you know/we’re all alone/

all alone.

And if I say/that it’s okay/

then it’s okay/ we’re born this way.



Even though/we’re all alone

lying one lie/at a time

it’s not like/we’re all alike

but, we like to fake it.



We tell ourselves/that we need help

that we can’t stand/on our own.

And all that we are needs somebody else

without whom we can’t go on.

because lying is better/than laying in wait

and laying in wait/is all we have.


We all say/someday/ it will get better/

because better/can’t be this.

Then the day comes/that better tastes bitter/

but bitter is better/than being alone.



Just, so you know/we’re all alone/

all alone.

And if you say/that it’s okay/

then it’s okay/we’re born this way.


We’re all/born/this way.


Until Next Time, I’ve had a first. Good, bad or ugly, that’s cause for celebration!