This Way (Version 2)

Have made several small adjustments to the song since my last post. First I adjusted the chords to give myself an easier to remember progression. There wasn’t anything wrong with the other progression per se, but the majority of the song could be played the same as the intro without much of a noticeable difference, which was way easier to remember than 1000000 different chord changes, so I swapped to that.

I tweaked a few lyrics back and forth.

Then as the whole thing became more clear in terms of where I was going, I decided to go back to a marginally more complicated version of the verses because the enunciation I was going for worked better for the overall tone with an Am/D instead of two consecutive D chords. This was a choice made entirely to slightly tweak the flow of the lyrics at the very beginning of the chorus, which I then expanded into the verses.

Then I went and complicated the chord changes in the last two verses again, but a different way than originally, because I felt like I needed a tonal change there to add some interest and energy. The simplified chord pattern just left that part of the song kind of extra bland, so I moved things around to spice it up a bit, I guess.

I can’t say whether or not I’m done with it. I can say I was recording with a dry mouth and a full day of feeling very fatigued, so I’m sure I can do better once I get a feel for the adjusted lyrics and chord changes. (Not that I’m being all down on myself and think it’s bad; but without any more progression changes I know I could record it better.)

Still not memorized (though mostly that’s the end of the song. I remember about 2/3 of it at this point.), so I’m reading off my cheat sheet in this recording.


This Way


So you know/we’re all alone/

all alone.

And I can’t say/if that’s okay/

but it’s okay/ we were born this way.



What would you give/for a life better lived?

I think I’ll just carry on.

And when I look back it’s/all that I ask/

to stop getting trapped in dark corners of fact/

cast by layers of lies.




So you know/we’re all alone/

all alone.

And if I say/that it’s okay/

then it’s okay/ to be born this way.



Even though/we’re all alone

lying one lie/at a time

it’s not like/we’re all alike

but, we like to fake it.



We tell ourselves/that we need help

that we can’t stand/on our own.

And all that we are needs somebody else

without whom we can’t go on.

because lying is better/than laying in wait

and laying in wait/is all we have.


We all say/someday/ it will get better/

because better/can’t be this.

Then the day comes/that better tastes bitter/

but bitter is better/than being alone.



Just, so you know/we’re all alone/

all alone.

But if you say/that you’re okay/

then you’re okay/you were born this way.

We must be okay/we’re all born this way.


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