I still haven’t properly memorized the song that I wrote. I can play through it and kind of wing the last two verses really, but I can’t actually strum them the same way twice until I remember the chord progression that I, myself, wrote.  Really though, for someone who doesn’t actually genuinely know what they’re doing, things are going surprisingly well.

So I’m sharing the same tune again. Just for sake of comparison so you can see what I’m talking about on the fly, I’m posting the same link to the last take on this song here:

Version 2 (in which I cleaned the song up and changed some of the lyrics, made adjustments to the chords):

Now, I’ve known for a while I’m pretty heavy handed when it comes to strumming. I figured either it was just my personality playing through, or I would eventually have some epiphany.

Today, while I was working on the song, trying to memorize it, suddenly – as if by magic – I lightened up considerably, which first of all gave the tune a much more traditionally uke sound (is that even a thing? It’s just an impression I got when listening to them back to back. An uke is an uke is an uke, right? But somehow the latest play through somehow feels more uke. Throw that paragraph of insanity into the wind; I don’t really know what I’m talking about, so I don’t expect you to, my dear readers. I’m still wrapping my head around my own thoughts on this one). But, it also majorly changed my flow.

I wish I could tell you what thought entered my brain that led to this, but I can’t. Maybe later it will be something I can put into words.

In any case, this is today’s play through, which you’ll hear is the same in terms of patterns and changes, but quite different in terms of overall flow.

Up side: a 4 minute song turned into a 3.5 mintue song, which is a bit more of a reasonable time span for a song.

You can hear towards the end that I start screwing up a bit if you’re listening. There are some not quite right chords in there, a wee bit of buzz. That’s the part where I change the chords and yeah, I’ll admit that putting one or two extra chord changes per verse has actually made a big difference in how tired my hand gets as I go. I mean, even at an average of 2 more chord changes per section, with 7 sections, that’s 14 chord changes I wasn’t initially doing, which adds up…especially when you’re strumming at a speed that knocks more than 40 seconds off of the song.

Still have a lot of practice to do, but somehow the creativity of doing my own thing seems to be moving my technique along much faster than trying to replicate someone else’s song. Go figure.

Until Next Time, strumming at the speed of light, or you know, just keeping it loose.