It’s a Musical Holiday


Hope everyone out there has had a good/is having a good holiday. We have a pretty small get together – just me, my parents, and my roomie. Even so, I’m not seven anymore, and we all promised to keep it small this year. WE have a history of them way overdoing it, and me overdoing it (beyond the limits of my budget) because I feel bad if they get me 10 things and I get them 2, and it all spirals wildly out of control. I think a lot of families have that problem, where it’s all about the sheer amount of stuff under the tree. That’s fine when there are kids involved, but it’s not really necessary for adults.

We all agreed. Of course. Obviously.

But, I’m apparently the only one who meant it. As an only child, I still got spoiled rotten, in spite of my best efforts. The amp pictured above between the felines was supposed to be my big gift. I didn’t have an acoustic amp, so the Fender Acoustasonic 15 was what I ended up choosing in our trip to Sam Ash (it wasn’t a hard choice, really, there weren’t many budget friendly beginner options on display for acoustic instruments).

But, then mom brought over gifts and suddenly our nice little set up (with 3 or 4 gifts per person, turned into a heaping mass of stuff. Wth? Didn’t we say ‘keep it small’?

Apparently, when you’re an only child, you get spoiled rotten no matter what.

I forget who I was talking to that suggested a looper pedal as a practice tool, but they made a lot of sense, though I threw it on my list. Now that I have one, I’ll be off to googling how to use it.

Then there’s a hard case for my concert sized ukuleles. I transport the ukes fairly often, so having something a little more durable than the barely padded cases they came with is some nice insurance. Both of my concert ukes are not exactly things I can replace easily. My Snail isn’t easily found online, even though it’s really a budget-friendly instrument, and my ibanez can’t be found at all. I hunted down the last one on the internet a few months ago. They may not be expensive instruments, but to me, at this moment in time, they’re virtually priceless. On the other hand, my sopranos, which I also don’t have a good case for, are less of a big deal. That doesn’t mean I don’t take care of them, but my kala is a popular enough model that if something happened to it, I could replace it fairly easily, and my diamond head is a beater. Eventually I’ll get a good soprano case, too, but it’s less important since I don’t transport them as often (and don’t really care about the one I do much, since it only cost $30.).

Next up is wire cutters (hopefully this pair will last. The wire cutters I was using…my bass strings murdered it. They had no trouble with guitar strings, but the thicker bass strings really screwed them up.), a mono/tripod, for recording myself more easily (my set up to date has been an old mic stand, a cardboard wrapping paper tube partially stuffed with newspaper and held together with masking tape, and a rubber band). A pack of the guitar picks I favor (the orange tortex ones). I have more picks than I can possibly use, but hey, they’re my favorites, so they should dominate, right? Right.) and strings for my electric guitar. I haven’t tried the cobalts yet, so next time I need to string, I’ll get to try something new.

And, for the last of my music-related gifts (if you don’t count the amazon gift card, which you should, since it’s either going towards digital music, or being put aside toward my next toy) is an ukulele strap. I’ve been using a guitar strap, which is wider. That isn’t that bad of a thing really, but the wider leather end bumps into my hand quite a lot, so a proper uke strap will be more comfortable.  Added bonus: the strap came with a strap button, which my Ibanez already has, so I’ve installed it on my snail. Now only two of my ukes can’t take a strap (for now).

So, yep, still a spoiled kid so far as my parents are concerned.  On top of it all I also got the basics, a dvd, and some art supplies. I have a lot of music related stuff to inspire practice, though. It was definitely a music dominant holiday for me. I even got a little guitar ornament that plays ‘run run rudolph’.

Until Next Time, trying to decide which toy to play with first.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Musical Holiday

  1. Being spoiled is when you get such wonderful gifts and you don’t appreciate them and take them for granted. In your case, your parents simply love you and take pleasure in giving you what they think you will like. Besides, the minute you make music with any of those, you will have given back the love that you received, which, as a fellow only child, is not really spoiled at all.


    1. Well, I think that’s more like being a spoiled brat, really. Lol. It doesn’t change the fact that they ask for a list of things I want, to choose from, and then end up getting me pretty much anything I can possibly even consider of interest. I also got a very expensive art toy, and several ‘basics’.

      My mom jokes ‘you’ll get no inheritance from me; I just give you everything now.’ And, even though my dad and I had a deal that my tablet was both birthday and Christmas (as well it should be, being a $500+ piece of equipment!), he got me something else anyway that had to cost at least another $80. I appreciate it, but it’s overkill for a “child” in her mid-30s.

      I mean, of course I’m appreciative; it would take me quite a long time to save up for each of these things on my own budget, but they still overdo it, and I feel spoiled, not because of spoiled behavior, but because the act of buying pretty much every big item on my list is definitely a kind of over-indulgence.


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