New Song: Stone’s Throw


Well, rather than memorizing things, or practicing new things, my muse pestered me into writing another new uke song.

And, I discovered another cool thing! ->  See? I can click on the strings and frets, and it will tell me what chord it is. Which means, I can tell you that the “made up” chord I use in this song is actually an Asus4, my first suspended chord.  I’ve youtubed and vaguely understand (at least understand in concept) how suspended chords are formed, but I have yet to really get a grasp on what makes them “suspended”.  I guess I’m getting stuck on linguistics there. I find myself wanting to know why, sonically, they’re called suspended chords. But, since I haven’t even properly committed myself to learning the major scale on ukulele (I know, I should, I KNOW, okay?), I think I’m probably a long way off from being able to do anything with that information anyway.

The new song is called ‘Stone’s Throw’ and is well over 5 minutes long, so probably requires some trimming down.

Another random discovery, though: if I use 2 columns in Office, I can cram way more words onto a page. This is a blessing and a curse: a blessing because it means no worries about flipping pages: a curse because if I’m fitting 5 minute songs onto a page, I can legitimately write a 10 minute song and still fit it on a music stand. Mind, that is not a GOAL.  If anything, I think My goal should be to contain my songs to 1 page or less, but given that I seem to default to 5 minute songs,  giving myself extra page to work with is probably ill-advised. 😀

Anyway, here’s the new tune (btw, the reason I’m doing these first run rough recordings is mostly so I can go back to listen and remember them. The chords and words I have in print, but the melody? Yeah, if I don’t stick that somewhere it can potentially disappear forever.):

Stone’s Throw

There’s a distance we can’t breach

a hand that’s just out of arm’s reach.

Maybe we’re all made of clay

the high tide might wash us away.

The dues we’ve paid, like sinking stones

cast ripples and drop out of sight.

Algae tangles around our toes

I say I’ll fall, I think I might.



Nostalgia always brings me down.

We can’t go back. We can’t break ground.

We hold it in like puffer fish

afraid to release the fear too fast

So we cling to it, we make it stay.

We don’t care what people say.

We won’t lose to time this way.



What if when we’re done we’re really done

will everything between us dissipate?

There’s so much we let linger

But everything that matters, we can’t say.

Everything we were is fading fast.

How much longer can we make it last?

The wars we’ve waged, the songs we’ve sung.

The battle cries might come undone.

But holding on comes at a cost

and losing at losing is not at a loss.

Can’t we just let be what may?

We’re only a stone’s throw away.

We’re still a stone’s throw away

Holding on to holding on

with rocks and refuse making waves

our voices cast into the wind

and when you ask when end drew in

I can only answer: ‘where do I begin?’


Who we were gets in the way of what we want

and who we want to be is all we get

when everything we were keeps coming back

like silt dragged in from sea

I still remember you and me

and all the things we thought could be.

Can’t we just let be what may?

We’re just a stone’s throw away.

And oh the trees have grown since then

the tide’s gone out, the tide’s come in.



Old memories are skipping stones

cast to the bottom long ago

Where they’ve fallen, no one knows

some dark corner, out of sight.

Just walk away, I think I might.

The past is best left in the past

Just one more stone, then free at last.

I’d like to just let be what may

but all these stones get in the way.

I guess that’s all I had to say

I hope to tell you someday.

But my voice gets cast into the waves

slightly garbled, out of sight.

I say I’ll sink. I think I might.

Until Next Time, contending with a muse that is clearly ready for spring.

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