It begins…

Well, it’s been almost 24 hours, so I think it’s safe to say pretty much no one gives a shit if I merge the blogs, which is great, because after sleeping on it, I woke knowing it was the right choice for me, and would proceed forward regardless of any potential fallout.

I know that I can seem to make really abrupt changes of path, where I’ll say ‘maybe I’ll do this’ and the next day it’s basically done. Rest assured, that’s only the case from the outside looking in. I’m an introvert. I know I don’t always seem that way, but don’t let my online persona fool you. The internet is a safe space where we get to say whatever we want and the worst that happens is someone you don’t know thinks you suck. Ooo. That’s rough.  And when I say I’m an introvert, I say it knowing full well that I do skew closer to ambivert with age, but never so far that I end up on the other side.  And, as an introvert, I spend a lot of time alone with my own thoughts before I say them out loud, even online. Once I say them out loud, I think that’s really me testing it out for myself. Sure, I’m getting you all involved and stuff, because it would be sort of rude to just do it and then be like ‘oh, yeah, by the way, I merged the blogs’, but really, writing my thoughts out is hugely for my own benefit: to see them in print and see if they hold water outside the confines of my skull.  Having decided they do, I’m quick to action.

So, from the outside looking in, I seem kind of spontaneous and erratic, I guess. But, from the inside, there’s been a lot of careful thought that I didn’t even discuss with my cats before even getting that far.  So what looks like 24 hours to you is often a month or more to me. Just saying.

So having said that!

This is where the merger stands at the moment:

1. All Shelby Stronger posts have been transferred to Grrl+Guitar.  This was actually a really pain free transition that can be done in just a few clicks, which is pretty cool. I only had to export the data from one site, save the file, then import it to the other. WordPress does the rest and emailed me this afternoon telling me the transfer was completed. Since my last Shelby Stronger post was in December, you’ll have to scroll down quite a ways to find any, but rest assured, they are there; I checked.

2. I have been batting around ideas for a new site name all day, and think I have one I like, but I want to let it stew for a few more hours before I go ‘yep! that’s the one!’

Originally, I was toying with the idea of finding a way to merge the titles of the two blogs, but everything felt either lame (Shelby Grrl? Fuck no.) like it was the introduction to a feminist essay, or like it belonged on a motivational poster (Go Strong, Grrl! hahahahahah! Fuuuuuuccckkkk nooooo….)  Then I switched to ‘well, maybe just keep the Grrl from Grrl + Guitar. It’s funny because originally I chose ‘grrl’ because ‘girl+guitar’ was already taken, but the double r sort of grew on me. I became kind of attached to it. I grew to think of myself as more ‘grrl’ than ‘girl’ because in my head it’s like saying: ‘I’m a girl, but I’m kind of cranky about it’. So, I tried a bunch of different things, but none of them were right. (Well, there’s still one maybe on the list that kept the ‘grrl’, but…I dunno.)  The one I think I’m going to go with doesn’t really take anything from the other two blog names, in the end, but we’ll see. I’m trying to let it settle in and get a feel for it before I fork over the cash for a new domain.

3. I’ve removed the link to the other blog from the menu bar and added the link to my redbubble, where you can find my art on tees and other stuff, if that strikes your fancy. I know some of the prices are high. There’s not a lot I can do about it, since my own profit is only a very small part of that total. That’s just how print on demand works.

4. You’ll probably see, over the course of the next few days, the blog change themes a few times. Rest assured, I will settle on one without  too much delay! But I may have to try a few on for a day or two before I find one that feels homey.  Just bear with me in the interim.

The worst will likely be over before the weekend is out.

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