The Trouble with Winter.

The trouble with going to concerts in the winter is having no idea how to dress. You don’t want to use the coat check, but you also don’t want to carry a coat all night in a packed concert venue. You don’t want to overlayer because you’ll sweat to death once things get rolling, but you don’t want to underlayer because you know you’re going to be outside waiting to get into the venue, potentially in the rain.

There is literally no right answer, which is why I normally don’t go to concerts between Late November and Mid-March. It’s just a nuisance.

Still, I had vacation time to use by the end of the month, and decided to suck up my last day on an acoustic show down at a new venue in Asbury Park. I’ll go down after work today (40 degrees and raining? Awesome.) and then suck up a day sleeping in tomorrow.  Getting home at or after midnight and up by 6 am? Nope. I’m an old lady now. haha.

I’ll talk more about that tomorrow, or very late tonight, depending on how awake I am after the show.

So, I have my ticket, my battery backup for my phone, I packed a sandwich and some gluten free pretzels to eat while I’m driving down to the venue…and I’ve made my best bad guess at how to dress.

I did some bass practice via youtube last night that I’d like to mention too, but I see that I’m out of time and have to get my butt to work, so I’ll have to come back to that a bit later.

Until Next Time, mostly just hoping I don’t freeze.

20 thoughts on “The Trouble with Winter.

    1. Layers are my current tactic. I have a long sleeved tee, a button down, and a hoodie. If I’m hot I won’t enjoy myself. But, if I’m cold I also won’t. It’s not the most fashion saavy wardrobe, but it’s 40 and rainy today, and an acoustic show, so what it’s going to be like in venue is anyone’s guess.

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      1. No idea. Brand new venue, bunch of solo sets. Dan Andriano. Other people whose names I forget. (I’m such a bad fan. Lol). It’s a shore town, so rainy days off the beach…there’s the salt air, but it’s not likely to be humid anywhere at this time of year. I’m sure these guys have toured enough to know how to take care of their gear.

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      2. I’m not too familiar with Frank Turner. But, there seems to be a weird connection between bassists and ukulele, so might be something to do with acoustic instruments in general.

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      3. I’ll try to remember to look later. UK pop is less offensive to my delicate sensibilities than American pop, you know. ;).

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      4. I have no idea if I like vitrol or not. I guess I don’t dislike it?,My ears tell me what I like, and maybe in a year or two I’ll actually start listening to the lyrics. haha.

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      5. Fair enough. I know I’ve heard of/heard some Costello, but I don’t own any, so I can’t say what I thought of it. I can’t look into it from the office, though, will have to do that later.

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