Here’s a short ass post for you:

Apparently, some of you who are not spammers are getting your comments sorted into spam. I don’t know why.

Some of you who I talk to all the time and who are my regular cast of commenting characters are not getting auto-approved, so I am replying to your comments with no idea that they aren’t appearing on the associated post. I also don’t know why.

Once I do know why, I will fix it. In the meanwhile, if you comment on something and I ignore you, chances are high that I don’t know you commented.

I just found two of forfriendswithoutborders posts in my spam folder and had to restore them. I’m going to presume this is because he recently moved from the V-pub and wordpress hasn’t gotten used to him yet, in theory. Who knows? But I know I also had to manually approve one of Vish’s posts (uglybassface) a day or two ago as well, so something weird is going on, which I will deal with as soon as I figure out what it is.

Until Next Time, it’s a programming mystery.