Stone Throw (Video) and my awesome new DIY haircut (which I have decided to count as ‘art’)

So, really off the cuff, I decided to record a video for Stone Throw today. I mucked up a few places, but I’ve sort of learned that most people only actually notice if I tell them. So – ahem – I totally played it flawlessly, I mean obviously. (Don’t pay attention to that man behind the curtain.).

And, can we count my awesome new haircut as art? Seeing as I did it myself at like 10 pm last night? And it’s the very first time I decided to try to add a layer?

I’ve been cutting my own hair for maybe 6 months or so now for a few reasons. Mostly to save cash ($25+ tip to cut a straight line is ridiculous. The expense/value ratio changes if you have a fancy hairstyle, but for someone with hippy hair, that’s just a pointless way to burn up cash.), but also because I hate going to the salon. It reeks of chemicals, hairdressers do whatever the hell they want regardless of what you tell them (including putting product in your hair after explicitly being told not to because you’re allergic – oh, I’m sorry, did you think you were getting a tip after I specifically told you not to do something because I might break out in hives, and you did it anyway? Delusional, much?), and they always try to hook you with small talk as they pretend they give a crap about your life so that you’ll feel like you have to go to the same hairdresser next time, or tip them more, because…I don’t know, you’re buddies, or something. Fuck that.

So, yeah, I cut my own hair. And adding the shaggy layer was super simple. My head feels great. So yes, my haircut now counts as art, thank you very much. (Don’t think this means I’ll stop wearing ponytails, though. That is a gym necessity.)

So! In the below video, you can be all amazed at my impromptu hair cutting skills.

I threw this one together off the cuff, so the camera may be a bit wiggly. I’m honestly not sure if I’m better off with, or without the clip on mic. On the one hand, the clip on mic usually gives a better sound balance. On the other, the quality of my phone’s internal mic is actually significantly better, so I’m not really sure whether I should be using the clip on or not. I didn’t in this one, because – as stated – I went with the slacker cam (which, weirdly enough, actually ended up being a better camera angle. I almost got the uke in this shot…though the mess behind me isn’t all that aesthetically appealing. Meh. Whatever.


By the way, do you see how much less washed out I look when I’m actually able to record things in daylight? haha! I almost don’t look like a zombie for once!

That said, I realize I have no idea what “genre” to call my uke tunes. Folk? Indie? Can we just make ‘I don’t know, whatever, stuff’ a genre to save me the hassle of trying to figure it out?

Until Next Time, trying to get braver about doing videos, but still haven’t quite figured out the right balance between camera angle, sound quality, and…everything else. I’ll get the magic setup that works for everything eventually.

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