Proof that Facebook is Crazy.

So, I mentioned about a week ago, when I was merging the blogs, that due to my phone being retarded and not knowing how to spell much of anything, and constantly autocorrecting real words into words that don’t actually exist, the renaming of the associated Facebook page was misspelled.  I also mentioned that I contacted Facebook and asked if they could help me with that, since I would not be able to correct it myself for another week.

Their response: Deafening silence.

Fine. Whatever. I’ll be Grrl in Progresd and look like an illiterate asshole for a week. So, a week goes by, and I go in and fix it myself. It changes basically automatically, and then I get the following message:

Unfortunately, we cannot approve this Page name change. Again, we have determined the name you requested may be misleading for the people who like the Page. Our decision is final.

Meanwhile, the page is still spelled correctly.

Dear Facebook,

What sort of drugs are you on? And, why are you make-believe denying a page name change based on an auto-correct misspelling?  …and, again? What again? What imaginary reality did you deny it in before? Clearly, I missed that party and the magic mushrooms that went with it.

You’re right, merging my blogs may be “misleading” to my whopping 20 followers, 11 of whom are my friends, whom I am fully capable of telling in person that I renamed my blog, or, would be, if I didn’t announce that I was doing it right on aforementioned Facebook page, and change my descriptions to read (Formerly Grrl+Guitar/Shelby Stronger). Granted, it would be a pity to lose that other 9, but I’m pretty sure I’d live. Just saying.

After all, while I do think the Facebook page is convenient, since it means my posts can turn up in your feed (at least sometimes, based on facebook’s weird algorithms), the main reason for my making the page in the first place was so that my friends could choose for themselves whether or not they wanted to read my music/art adventures, and those who weren’t interested didn’t have to be bothered by blog posts several times a week.

(btw – I have not yet updated the FB link on the blog page, as I was waiting until the spelling correction was in effect so I didn’t have to do it twice. I will be taking care of that in the near future.)

So, I don’t know. The folks at facebook are apparently drunk today. Since I have no logical explanation for this one, that’s what I’m going with.  And, if the result of me writing this blog post makes my FB page spontaneously combust…I’m pretty sure we’ll all survive the carnage somehow.

Until Next Time, trying to make sense of crazy, and failing.

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