…I just can’t shake the feeling that it sounds too much like…something. The rhythm or melody. I can’t put my finger on it, so maybe I’m imagining it. It kind of instills you with this fear of accidental plagiarism, though. You’re writing something, and you play it over and over again, so when it sounds familiar you’re not sure if it sound familiar because it legitimately sounds like some other song you’ve heard, or just because you’ve been playing it through so much that you’re now dreaming the tune.

So, this morning I decided to record a very rough clip in hopes you guys would give me your opinion on whether or not listening to it reminds you of some other song that exists somewhere in the universe, because at the moment, I honestly can’t tell if it’s just that it’s beating around in my head so much that makes it sound familiar, or if I just can’t place what outside influence it sounds like, and it’s bugging me!

Excuse the exceptionally poor sound quality.  It’s a rough up, and I suspect finding a good sound balance for guitar is going to be much harder than it is for ukulele.

Until Next Time, can you name that tune? I can’t.