Coming out of Hibernation

Spring is weird. Supposedly, we humans, don’t hibernate, but I think that’s really only partially true. You can see the signs in January, starting with New Year’s. We start thinking about all the things we haven’t dealt with, start making lists.

Then, the first sign of good weather, and we get a random burst of energy that has us acting like a bunch of 3 yr olds jacked up on Halloween candy. (Is that just me? Okay then.)

Wednesday, the weather was so nice, I was just shy of clawing at the cubicle walls to get outside all day. Once I did, I knew I was skipping the gym and made a mad dash to the nearest State Park for a quick, impromptu hike.

Sunshine and fresh air and trees, oh my!

How much it improved my overall mood is ridiculous. I always forget just how much I’m affected by the weather until hiking season rolls around, and how much I’m affected by constant human contact (don’t let my silliness confuse you; I am definitely an introvert.) until I get to spend a few blissful minutes outside pretending I’m the last person on the planet and enjoying the sound of no one.

I’ve spent the past several months on a social battery that wouldn’t charge more than 20%. I had a lot of social engagements, and was trying to keep to myself outside of them because I knew I just really needed a good few days where I didn’t have to deal with people to recalibrate. But, I’ve also long since been aware that my tolerance for people is situational: I’m a lot more tolerant of groups on a nature walk than I am, say, in the office, or at the gym.

Note to self: for faster social re-charge time, do something solitary outside.  What would have taken me a good 4 days left to my own devices in the winter, took maybe 20 minutes on a nice, 70 degree day. Now I have enough juice stored up for that Shaman’s Harvest Concert I’m going to tomorrow. Yes!

But, my energy level and my impromptu mid-week hike are not the only signs of spring in the air.  I’m actually getting stuff accomplished! That doesn’t bode all that well for my music practice, but I’m not concerned because it’s just a temporary interruption we like to call Spring Cleaning. Mine did start over the winter, but I did a major book drop this weekend (some anime geek is going to score a hoard of art books at Goodwill, but they weren’t worth enough to waste my time listing on ebay.)  I sorted out things to sell, things to donate, and dropped off 4 more bags worth of stuff. Went through my spring wardrobe, actually cleaned my room… it was a really productive weekend, all said.

Some time last month I decided it was time for a haircut and, in attacking my hair with scissors (I’ve been cutting it myself for a year or so. Why waste the cash on something like that if you don’t have to?), I decided to try a layer, which worked out quite well.  Last night, at 9 pm, I randomly decided to shave part of the sides of my head. Yep – that’s a Shelby moment for you. I’ve been shaving my temples since I was a kid, since I hate hair in my ears.  I didn’t do that silly patch on the side of the head thing (though, true enough, some people can rock that weird haircut.  There’s someone at the gym it looks pretty awesome on, even though it’s a style I’ve never really cared for.), but I’d been half thinking of extending my temple shave around the ears, maybe to the nape. So last night I grabbed a razor and did the around the ear area. My head feels a little naked, but more summery, for sure! lol. And, it looks exactly the same down, which is how I wear it most of the time anyway, so whatever.

This weekend? Who knows? I’d like to hike at one of the local parks, but with it raining today, that may not actually be feasible, but I can probably walk along the boardwalk a bit.

Also, I’m finally going through the poetry files. I’ve sorted out a giant folder worth of ‘duds’ which I will most likely delete and be done with once and for all, and the remainder are going through the adjustments necessary to compile a few poetry albums. More on that later, but sufficed to say even my computer is getting a spring cleaning.

Until Next Time, The birds are singing, the house is getting de-cluttered, and my energy level is very much improved. Welcome back, Spring!

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