WAMP Series: Robin Renee

So, I spent the day debating on whether or not to go to this show tonight. One of my comic friends was going to be performing, and one part of me thought ‘it’s good to get out of the house’. Another part of me wasn’t sure if it could will itself to be bothered with people.  The latter is the part of me that couldn’t decide if it could be fucked about grown up pants on a Saturday.  For anyone that might wonder wth ‘grown up pants’ are: anything with a button and/or that I can’t wear to bed.

I was feeling really kind of blargh today. Not sick, but lazy as hell. One part of me wanted to erupt out of the house the second it stopped raining. The other part didn’t want to do anything but watch movies and noodle with my bass. Both voices in my head were equally convincing. So, while I had said I might go to this women performers thing…I also have a weird relationship with femme events that tends to weaken my desire to attend.

As much as I hate ‘stating my credentials’, in this case it’s necessary for context. My bestie is a gay guy, which means I have more LGBTQ friends than heterosexual ones. As a result, I end up going to my fair share of LGBTQ events; that just happens to be where my friends are hanging out. No problem with it, really, but that I supposedly give off “lesbian vibes” (They call it lesbian vibes, anyway. I call it having a strong preference for comfortable clothing and a love affair with 4 letter words.), can cause awkward moments at LGBTQ venues. Sometimes that’s funny, but when my introversion is in high gear, I just don’t always have the energy for putting myself in a situation with high potential for having to go through the whole ‘I’m a supporter, not a member of the club’ thing. When I’m having a more social day, or my roomie is around to save me if necessary, mostly it ends up being funny. But, it can get exhausting after a while, and when I’m not feeling particularly social, going to girl-only events can be ill-advised.

Today I was feeling pretty introverted, but I was also feeling like getting out and going for a drive, or a walk, or anything not in the house, for a bit was high on the agenda. So, when 6 pm rolled around and I still was undecided, I decided that meant to just get my damn grown-up pants on and go. I had to get to the store this weekend anyway, because I really REALLY needed to at least buy a few pairs underwear that weren’t so old the elastic doesn’t elastic anymore (oh, was that TMI? Tough.), and if I didn’t do that today, I was going to have no choice but to go tomorrow.

I did, however, take my sweet time. The event started with a mingler at 7:30 and the show starting at 8. I made sure not to be there by 7:30. I got there around 7:50, and took a seat next to a friend who was also attending. “I’ll sit next to you, so we can be antisocial together.” I joked. She said she was surprised I came. I said “I know. I’m surprised, too.” But, what can I say, music always lures me to events I might otherwise not be interested in, and in the end, I’m glad I went because I discovered a new-to-me artist: Robin Renee.

Since I know very little about her, and since it’s 1 am, I’ll just link you to her website so you can investigate yourself:


She does a mix of the singer/songwriter genre and what’s been dubbed “mantra-pop”. I won’t pretend I fully know what this means, but it seems to be a blending of pop music and spirituality.

I did get to see an instrument live in action that I’ve never even heard of before tonight, which was pretty neat. For the last song of the evening she sat on the floor and played the harmonium.

Which appears to be some sort of combination between a piano and an accordion.

After the show, I did buy one of the download cards for CD Baby, and that ended up being a smart choice, because it looks like they were cheaper at the show than the downloads are online. (Yes, her stuff is also on Amazon, and I would imagine probably Itunes, so pick your poison.)

And, for having bought a thing, I got the ‘All I Am’ single download code for free.

I gotta say, I kind of really dig the download card concept. I’m completely over a world of bogging myself down with physical CDs given a digital option, especially in a world where laptops are no longer coming with DVD drives by default, and where tablets are becoming central to home computing. It’s just so much more efficient, and I imagine something like download cards are very much the wave of the future for purchasing music at shows. I know some people still really dig physical media, but I, for one, have enough stuff cluttering up my house as it is.

I decided to pick one of the singer/songwriter albums, which I have not listened to yet. I hope it has songs on it that I heard tonight. I have no idea if it does or not. She did some mantra-pop songs too, which I did enjoy, but I think that’s a genre that I need to investigate further before I know if it’s a ‘hit or miss’ or something I’m going to enjoy across the board, so I figured the singer/songwriter album would be more of a sure thing to start with, so went that route for now. I’ll look into the other stuff later.

Here’s the single, for some quickie listening for those of you feeling too lazy to look her up:


I kept myself quite antisocial at the event and basically flew out of the place once the show was over, to conserve as much energy as possible, but it was a small show at an intimate venue, so I didn’t run myself down too much.

Until Next Time, music continues to lure me out into social situations, in spite of my hermit tendencies.

4 thoughts on “WAMP Series: Robin Renee

  1. I have family that plays the harmonium. It was popular with older generations in Trinidad, so we have players on both sides of the family. Its big in old Indian music. I remember whenever we’d go down there as a kid, people would pull out these harmoniums that were from the 19th century and play stuff. I always thought of those cartoons with the circus monkey playing and a guy collecting money.

    They actually come in different sizes too. There were really small ones that even kids could manage and then there were heavy, ornate ones. And yes, they do the Indian head-shaking thing when they play…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, that context is informative. Since the artist seems to be into yoga and spirituality and such, it’s likely an instrument she came across somewhere in that journey, or maybe someone in her family played, too. Who knows? It was interesting to hear and having some cultural context puts it in the right space. I thought it sounded almost, but-not-really, Celtic-ish, but I thought that knowing I thought it because I was mentally drawing a sound comparison to the bagpipes in Scottish music.
      When we were sitting there before the show, my friend said ‘is that a little piano?’ I honestly didn’t know. I said ‘I guess so. It looks like a piano in a suitcase.’. Once you saw the back of it, it became clear it was something else entirely.

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      1. I think it was introduced to India by the Brits sometime in the 17 or 1800s, but I might be off about the dates. It gained a lot of popularity there and when they were sent to the West Indies as “indentured servants” it came along.


      2. Interesting. I did a quick Google, and it looks like it was one of those Victorian era instruments as far as the UK and Europe go. 1800s, early 1900s ish. (And that it’s also called a pump organ.). So I guess the original intent was a smaller, more portable organ. But, it should qualify that the European harmonium was larger and you sat at a western style chair to play it, using your feet to pump. This smaller shaped version, it appears, came from India in about 1925 due to the fact they traditionally would sit on the floor, rather than in a chair like the Westerners. Something like that. I skimmed.


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