Composing, Practicing, and fighting off the office plague.

Well, I haven’t had a lot to post about recently, in part because I’ve spent a large chunk of my time just sitting around watching old ass anime that I never got around to. Have I totally ADD’d from practice? No, not at all, but it’s been light. I’ve been fighting a mild sinus infection all month, and while it seemed like I was winning the battle, this week the office plague struck, and today I find myself unable to even motivate to get in the car and drive 1/4 mile to get meds. When I’m sitting up, the coughing eventually chills out, but I really want to be laying down, and I can’t due to all the gunk pooling in my throat.

I really want nothing more than to spend the day in bed napping and cuddling cats, but those efforts have proven themselves ill advised due to the post-nasal drippage. For the moment I’m just trying to fight it off with sudafed(to clear my sinuses), cod liver oil (fights infection), soda (in lieu of mucinex, which I don’t have, to cut through the lump in my throat), soup, and plenty of tissues.

Since I can’t curl up and nap, I’ve had my guitar out, and due to one of my random whims decided to noodle around/compose something with notes instead of chords. So, I kind of roughed up a little riff on the acoustic last night before finally crashing, and sitting in front of the boob tube was fiddling with it.

I decided to modify it a little (to fit on 4 strings) and try it on the bass. I haven’t posted a damn thing in bass land, due to the necessity of pulling out my amp to record at a volume that can actually be heard at all. That may well change in the future, since I’ve cracked and ordered an uke-bass (more on that later. For the moment I’ll just say that I’m in the middle of an exchange and hoping the next uke-bass that lands on my doorstep is the one I actually ordered.), but for now, since I can’t nap due to the fact I can’t actually lay down without gagging, I pulled my amp out long enough to actually record a little bass something.

I have to figure out how to reduce finger noise, but while I’m technically composing this for guitar, it does seem to work pretty well on bass, too, if I tweak it for a 4 string instrument.

I have finally gotten around to memorizing both the major and minor chords on bass, and while I’m still struggling to remember to count them numerically, I think I’m starting to form a sort of map in my head of what notes are likely to work together. This is a weird little composition, since I don’t know theory at all. I can’t identify intervals or what I’m playing. But, I’ve also played along with enough, and worked with scales just enough, I think, that I’m forming a general idea of what fretted notes tend to pair with other fretted notes. A good part of this composition was written in this weird way of ‘what would be a comfortable note to hit from where I am at this note.’  Funny enough, this seems to be a surprisingly accurate way to find notes that work well together. I don’t know if that’s just a coincidence, but I didn’t hit many sour notes thinking this way. ‘If I’m at this note, what notes feel like a natural hand movement from this point?’ The answer, the vast majority of the time, resulted in two notes that worked well together, which is fairly interesting, and I wonder if that will remain true as I progress and learn more.

Until Next Time, I guess my hand is developing a mind of it’s own. It seems to know things that my brain can’t quite quantify.

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