Photos: Holmdel Park

So, it dawned on me today that photography totally counts as a form of art, and I take a LOT of pictures of trees.  Since this is a music and arts blog, I figured I could share some photos on it, too.

These are from this evening. The weather here in central NJ was gorgeous, so I made a detour to Holmdel Park for a walk before heading home.

Note: No fancy camera work out of me; these were taken with my cell phone.








2 thoughts on “Photos: Holmdel Park

    1. It was high 70s yesterday, very nice after 30s a week or two ago, and what I consider gorgeous weather (anything from 60 to 80 is my happy place, with 70s being perfect). Glad to be walking around without a jacket, though it is only very early Spring for us. Leaves are starting to bud, but most of the branches are still bare and many won’t have full leaves until summer.

      In Autumn here, all these trees would have a full or near full set of leaves in golden hues. We’re still making our way out of winter, but we’ve definitely reached the hiking season and are starting to see a little green.


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