Veteran’s Park

It was another nice day, so I decided to go to Holmdel Park again after work. There are still a few walking paths I haven’t checked out, and I thought maybe I’d try the cross-fit path at the top of the hill.

I thought. But, for some reason, I shot past the turn. Rather than turning around, I decided to go to Veteran’s Park instead. Veteran’s Park is much smaller, but I thought maybe they’d have a little walking path of some sort. No such luck, and it’s a shame, because they have something that could easily be one with just a little TLC. Off in the corner there’s a little thicket of woods with paths cut through, but none of them connect. With some cleanup (like getting that rusted barrel out of the swampy looking water) and maybe a few small wood bridges, they could connect the paths, make it family-safe to walk on, and have a nice little half mile or so walking path.

This was actually the “big” park when I was a kid (a term I use loosely), and I remember going to summer camp here at least once.  It’s barely recognizable since then. My childhood playground with the beloved death-defying monkey bars has been torn down (likely many years ago), and the petting zoo (see: don’t try to actually pet the mean little bastards) has apparently been torn down, too (also likely many years ago).  They have a nice pond with a fountain though, if you mind the geese (the meanest geese in New Jersey. lol. Seriously, guys, geese bite.)

I kind of went ‘off road’ through the woods. I thought I was on a path, then the path abruptly ended. I could see another path, that didn’t connect to the one I was on and/or there was a sudden swampy mess that meant turning around and finding a fun, new way back the way I came…

I got a few photos though, of what could be a nice little trail, if the township decided to put a little love into it. There’s so many little paths cut through that little patch of trees, it would mostly just be a matter of connecting them.



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