Deep Cut Gardens

As a continuation of my last post on Tatum Park, this one contains photos from Deep Cut Gardens. I could have gone right home after my hike. I had worked up a sweat, got my exercise, took a ton of pictures. But Deep Cut is right across the street and so pretty. From about the ages of 18-20, this was my picnic spot of choice. And, from Tatum park, you just cross the street and you’re there, so I made my over-hiked legs go a bit longer.

Some things have changed since I was a kid. I remember they used to have a full height garden maze (a tiny, uncomplicated one, but I thought it was cool), and there were no fish in the koi pond (maybe that’s a seasonal thing?), but overall it’s still a nice scenic little park to walk around.


All the benches seem to be in memory of someone. So…did someone have to die before anyone was allowed to sit down at the park?


This is my favorite tree, right next to the pond. The pond used to have koi.


Natural Pond.


A squirrel who was rather enjoying his nut.


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