More updates

The social media links may go temporarily down this week. I’ve updated the Facebook page to match the website title, which I should have done in the first place, really.  As far as twitter, I have no idea what to do there, since the website is way too many characters long, but if I know myself at all, the odds of me deciding on a solution spontaneously at some odd hour of evening is pretty high.

On the album front, last night I finished the edits on the pieces for the first poetry album and am refusing to let myself edit them again until right before recording. 

Next up is determining the track order, designing the art, recording clean versions…

I’m anticipating a summer release given the current workload. I want to say June, but it could get pushed back to July depending on how recording goes, and how many recordings Shadow ruins with his chatterboxery.

This little jerk loves to meow when I'm 90% through a really good recording.

There’s also a new guitar song in the infant stages, and I have to update the artwork in my Facebook banner. I’ve got a lot of little detail work going on, basically, but things are coming along.  I got some new lesson books that I’m hoping to crack into as soon as the dust settles, too. More on that later.

And, next month is the Steampunk World’s Fair, so I might have some cool indie music to talk to you about soon.

For now, just anticipate that external links might go down for a few days as I try to make everything match as well as I can.

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