Blah blah updates blah Blah

Here’s the latest string of boring updates:

1. I started recording the first of the poetry albums last night, which will be called “Stone Throw”. I know I also have a uke tune by this name, but it feels so right for the poetry album that I’ve decided not to care.

2. I am doing everything possible to get the best possible sound quality out of my equipment, but it’s not going to be possible to get truly great sound quality out of what I have to work with. However, it will be higher quality than what I’ve been putting up on the blog and soundcloud, which has to count for something .  Sufficed to say, last night’s attempts included a piece of satin and a binder clip. Further experiments pending to see if I can invent better.

3. I learned how to use audacity’s noise cancelling feature. Have I mentioned that I love google?

4. An alter ego/nom de plume has officially been chosen. I have decided not to use ‘Shelby’ after some thought, most of it revolving around car jokes and people assuming I’m from the South, and the rest just not preferring the look of it in print. You’re welcome to call me Shel or Shelby at your discretion, though. I really don’t care.

5. The big name reveal will be later, once I get all the little details ironed out.  I have chosen something juuuust common enough that usernames are proving problematic, so I want to hold my tongue until I’ve sorted all the various accounts to match one another as well as possible.

6. Facebook did not update my page name properly, again. But it’s only the back door that’s effed up, so I’m leaving it be for the moment and hoping my links don’t  crash without me noticing.

7.  Email addresses, etc are being updated, and gradually I will have everything across social media and the blog matching as closely as possible.

8. I am considering adding an instagram account, even though the thought of getting sucked into another social media site makes me cringe. With the photos now, it might be stupid not to.

9. When that’s all done, I’m going to finally sit down and write a proper about page (booooorrrriiiinnnnggg….). I think, given how much this blog has evolved since it started, I guess I ought to at this point, but I’m falling asleep just thinking about the task.

Hoping to have most of it squared away over the weekend.

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