New Song (Rough) – Without the Rain

I did promise I’d be sharing a new song soon. I think the thing that always takes the longest when writing a new song seems to be to simplify. My first instinct is always way more complicated than it needs to be. This was originally a 4 chord song, but it was just a little off, and I realized consolidating it down to 3 chords just improved the flow too much to ignore.

It was the lyrics I spent the most time fighting with, though. So, here’s a rough run through. Enjoy my ratty sweats (after a week or two of gorgeous spring weather, we’re back to damp and chilly this week. bah!), and the ridiculous faces I make when I’m thinking. I’m not quite accustomed to this one under my fingers yet, and apparently I make a really silly duck face when I’m trying to remember things. (and yes, that massive pile of blankets is staying in the mess it is for the benefit of the black cat napping behind me. He’s too content to disturb. lol.)


Other things going on:

I’ve updated the banner on the Facebook page.

I’ve changed the twitter to @sonicShel. I wanted to go with any number of things, but I couldn’t use the website name because it’s too long, and all of my other attempts were already claimed, so I ended up with shel + a play on the website (sound waves = sonic, get it?). ¬†It sounds a bit like a comic book super power, so if I manage to hit on something that sounds less campy that is actually available, it may change again, but for the moment, it’ll do.

The poetry is temporarily down from the youtube page. They all have links to the old defunct shelby stronger site that no longer exists, so they’ll go back up once I edit them in a way that won’t lead people to a dead link. I have several edits to the page that need to happen, really, but time is not on my side.

I’ve started the process of looking into options for how I want to release the poetry albums, and have decided on digital-only release. I can consider adding CDs at a later time if there’s interest in it, but for the moment I want to keep this epic project as low maintenance and low cost as possible, and a digital-only release wins on both points. I’m still aiming at a summer release, but getting recordings that sound at least somewhat polished is proving an elaborate song and dance all of its own, so we’ll see.

Still bogged down by small details. Hoping to get back into lessons soon, but it seems like I’ll be tied up with fine tuning for a bit yet.

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