Photos: Holmdel Park/Historic Longstreet Farm

We’ve had nothing but rain and gray skies here for a week. Yesterday, we managed to have a day that was just plain dismal, and not actually wet.  I was itching to get outside if I could, so wrapped myself up in a hoodie and jacket. I knew the forest trails weren’t going to be possible after a week of wet (and because of that, my trip up to the Delaware Water Gap is postponed. Boo. It’s too long of a drive, so have to wait for a nice weekend. I suppose that’s for the best though, since it gives me a bit of time this weekend to do as much advance prep for the Steampunk World’s Faire as I can), but I figured I could at least do either around the top of the hill or around the pond. I chose the pond, because I was looking for the path that would lead across the street to the Ramanessin section of the park (which I did not find. I know where it ought to be, so it must be really well concealed. Will try again when the weather’s nicer.), and wandered a bit near the farm portion of the Park. It’s rare that I see animals out in a section close enough to take pictures of. Yay, animals.  You can see from some of the pics of the pond that it was a bit of a windy day, too. Still, it was nice to just get outside for a bit after being trapped thanks to all the rain. My nature walk ended up being a fairly random meander this time. There are definitely other parts of the park I haven’t explored yet, though. I’m just waiting for some of the wet to dry up to check out areas I’m not familiar with for the first time.



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