…and I now have a music accessory drawer, rather than a tote bag shoved in the corner by my amps and collecting dust on my jewelry stand.

I still have my clip on tuner, picks, and headphone amps out, as a matter of convenience, but, little by little, I’m finding creative ways to reorganize everything to make room for my music life.

4 thoughts on “Reorganizing

  1. I don’t know why but I find seeing organised music drawers really satisfying. It’s like a fresh set of strings or alphabetising my sheet music, it feels like you’re preparing for something creatively awesome.

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    1. Haha. I’m just glad not to be digging through a tote bag every time I need a cable now.

      Though, I admit…I hate a fresh set of strings. It takes me over a week before I can stand them.


      1. I like the sound better once they’re a little lived in and less bright, so my acoustic is what drives me the craziest. The electric doesn’t bug me as much, I assume because you basically can fiddle with the amp to tweak it, and also because I practice more with the acoustic. The tuning slipping is a pain, but I’m a bit less bothered by it than I’d expect (I blame the ukulele.).

        So, I tend to put off changing guitar strings until the ones on it are driving me to distraction. I have this one uke that I had such a hard time getting to tune after the last time I strung it, those strings might be on it for life just to save the hassle of dealing with it again (unless I decide to mod it with new tuners and a custom nut at some point.).


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