I’m going to give you guys a really, REALLY brief summary of what I saw today at SPWF in Piscataway. I will revisit the subject with some details and photos after the weekend is over, but – mostly for the benefit of my goldfish-like memory, I’m going to just do a quickie of who I saw perform so that by the end of the weekend I’m not so frazzled that I forget anyone.

(Note: songs chosen are basically arbitrary based on whatever the first thing with decent sound quality that comes up from is…well, except for Steam Accountant….because that song brings me joy.)

Friday, 5/13.

Jeff Mach




The Nathaniel Johnstone Band


Eli August & the Abandoned Buildings


Ingimar Oddsson


The Men that Will Not be Blamed for Nothing


A few of these bands I’ve talked about before, but I’ll talk about it more later. I’ve got to get my batteries all set to charge, set my alarm to go off in 7 hours, and start fresh tomorrow for round two.