Steampunk World’s Fair: Day 2

This is another one mostly for my own benefit. I don’t trust myself to remember everything if I don’t list it now. I have one more day of this stuff, and I am already feeling pretty darn fried.

So, here’s the list of what I saw today, with any random video I turn up first.


(this is a facebook video rather than a youtube one because I didn’t turn up anything immediately on youtube. So, if it doesn’t work for you, blame theBook.)

Frenchy and the Punk


Sharon Knight and Winter




I skipped the last performance of the evening. There were two options. The headliner – Steam Powered Giraffe (good band who puts on a good show, but in terms of fanbase, they are basically the Boy Band of Steampunk. I just…can’t. The line gets longer and longer every year. The fans don’t get any less…sixteen-ish. So, while they’re a good band and I’ll continue to buy their music, I think I just don’t have the energy level required to not find SPG fans indescribably annoying. And, the list of bands I’m actually willing to impersonate a human sardine for is remarkably small.  If you haven’t seen them live before, and have the opportunity, I strongly suggest it. As for me, I’ve seen them live a few times, and whether or not I will in the future depends entirely on how ‘grumpy old lady’ I’m feeling at the time.

The other was Feline and Strange, who I considered. I saw them last year, though, and they have another performance tomorrow I might catch. But, I want to make sure to get to the venue first thing tomorrow so I don’t miss A Halo Called Fred, so I did the adult thing and left a little early in the interest of getting something vaguely resembling a full night’s sleep.

One more day of this, then a day of recovery, and some time next week I’ll give you a proper overview rather than a bunch of random links. For now, I’m going to chill for a bit, then collapse into a coma for the next 8 hours before starting fresh again tomorrow.


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