Steampunk World’s Fair, Day 3

The final, and mercifully shortest, day of festivities. Again, this post is mostly for my own benefit so I can look back and organize my thoughts. Also, won’t be providing links to all of the bands in this post, as some of them are repeats from previous days. I’ll be doing a more thorough post on SPWF later. And, again choice of video is 97.8% totally arbitrary.

A Halo Called Fred


Scott Helland (solo, instrumental. see also: Frenchy & the Punk)


Frenchy & the Punk (see SPWF day 2)

The Men that will Not be Blamed for nothing (see SPWF day 1)

This Way to Egress


Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings (see SPWF day 1)


I’ll give you a wee bit more detail on all of these bands within the next few days, but for the moment, I’m all about sweatpants, asprin, and orange juice, and I have a half-assed song idea I need to rough out before I forget about it.


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