I may have mentioned the Ramanessin Section of Holmdel Park is really something I only ought to tackle on a weekend. I may have totally not listened to my own advice, but it bears repeating for those of us not in peak physical form.  I blame the big, fluffy, happy marshmallow clouds. They drove me to temporary insanity.

Happy, fluffy clouds.

Rest assured, my calf muscles brought me back down to reality.

I usually have a pretty good sense of direction, but the Ramanessin Trail on this trail are so windey, and the through paths are so often just barely mowed grass (as in, if I left my grass in that state, the landlord would flip out), which means until I thoroughly explore the place, the Map My Walk app is my best friend since it gives me an idea of how long each loop is, and the GPS comes close enough that I know when I’ve overshot a path, give or take a few yards.

Like this so-called path.

I thought I would do a quick mile, then hit the gym for some strength training stuff, stop at the store for new earbuds with the over the ear hook, because mine fried out on me on yesterday’s walk about 1/3 of the way into a Hyde song.

Really, buds? You let me get through a whole 1/3 of a Hyde song, wait until I’m getting head-boppy (on the inside), and then go kaput? That’s so mean…

Sufficed to say, the calf-burning put the kaibosh on those plans, but at least I got some sunshine, fresh air, and even more pictures of trees to show for it.