Holmdel Park, Again

You guys are going to know Holmdel Park better than most of the locals at the rate I’m going. It’s just the most convenient one for me to stop at on the way home from work is all, and this time of year it does look a bit different almost every day, as the trees get leafy and the flowers start to bloom.

The sky looked like it might erupt, but at 62 degrees without mega-wind, it was warm enough that I could do my walking outside, so I went for it. I grabbed my umbrella just in case, but it was a pretty light spring rain, so I went without. It started to rain about halfway through my walk, but by the time I was leaving the park it was sunshiney rain.

It’s been wet enough that I haven’t wanted to mess with the forest trails much, because mud, but I figured even if the sky erupted I could do the paved loop (you know, the boring part. 🙂 ) I finished off around the pond walk again, and finally located the trail that leads over the the satellite site at Ramanessin. I see why I missed it. It doesn’t really look like a trail. It’s just sort of walkable short(ish) grass running alongside the Arboretum. But, it does, in fact, go out to the road, so you can viably walk from one park to the other this way.  Seeing as Ramanessin has it’s own parking lot, I’m not sure why you would want to, but you can.

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