Productivity Update

It’s Thursday, after all, my quiet house, and therefore most productive day of the week.

Today I accomplished:

  1. Getting my exercise on at the local park.
  2. Recording through the remainder of the poems for the third time for the album coming out soon-ish, in spite of the fact I said “usewul” instead of “useful” like 5 times in trying to record Foil Roses.  Onward to post-production/cleanup/fine-tuning.
  3. Practiced the newest song a bit on the guitar/practiced playing guitar with a pick some more.

All in all, not too bad for a weekday. Provided I don’t get a better idea and start recording the poems from scratch again (not in the plan, but when is it ever?), I’m still more or less on the loose schedule I set for this thing.

coming soon stone throw
First Peek at the Album Cover in Progress

I swear, I won’t advertise at you too much; it just happens to be what I’m talking about a lot lately because it’s the artsy thing that’s sucking up a lot of my time lately, is all.

I won’t even pretend to fib at all. I intentionally chose the Stone Throw album first because I figured I already had things in my photo files that would work for the cover, and I was right. I used a picture I took while hiking in Navesink last year as the base, with some heavy use of colors and filters to give it a sort of more vintage color scheme. Easy Peasy.

If all goes well, it’ll be available for download some time next month, and I can move on to the next project on the list.

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