Poetry Album sighs…

Yeah, another update. I’ve spent the past hour with headphones on, really listening closely to all the tracks for the album, and I’m quite disappointed to admit that, it looks like of the 16 tracks, I don’t need to re-record…4 of them. Four. A paltry FOUR. With the exception of one that I need to re-record only because for some reason in spite of all else being equal, the sound quality is lower than the other tracks (for…no reason. damn thing), every single other track has a breath puff in it somewhere that is potentially impossible to remove.

When I say potentially impossible, sure, nothing is impossible, it could probably be done. But, it would probably take a lot less time and energy to just re-record the track.

So, I posted earlier today that I thought I was finally -FINALLY-just at the stage of cleaning everything up, but it looks like I’ve got to take a 4th run at recording almost the entire album again, which is disappointing.

I’m hoping that at the end of the first album, I’ll have figured out a virtually fool-proof method for the second, but only time will tell.

As things stand, I’m feeling a bit deflated. I expected that I might need to re-do a few tracks, but more than half the album is really quite a disappointment.

I’m still aiming at a June release, but given that I’m very nearly starting from scratch AGAIN, I might be setting myself up for disappointment. (Third time’s a charm, my ass!) I googled how to remove breath sounds, but all I’m turning up is how to do it in areas where there’s a breath…and then space enough to take it out. That’s not the situation I find myself in. They’re all popping up in weird places, like the middle of words. This is much more troublesome to clean up, so it can’t be helped. As for the 4 tracks I don’t strictly have to re-do…well, if the 12 tracks that I do have to re-do sound significantly different, I may end up having to re-do them anyway for sake of sound balance.

So annoying.  I want to say “I’m learning a lot through all this”, and I suppose I am, but I’m not going to pretend that mostly what I feel like I’m learning is that production is even more of a boring pain in the ass than I thought, which is amazing, seeing as I’ve been hoarding poems for 20-some-odd years because the idea of going into production on them seemed like such a nuisance that I couldn’t be bothered. Well, the proof is in the pudding: it’s a huge fucking nuisance. And while I know I can’t achieve perfection with what I have, I’m also not willing to move forward with ‘good sound quality, more good sound quality- HAAAHHHH -back to sound quality. That breath just kills the whole fricking thing.

So, now I’m feeling frustrated, and cursing myself a little for ever getting myself up into this huge project of doing 11 of these damn things when 1 is enough to make me want to pull my hair out in frustration.

I’m sure I’ll feel better about it tomorrow, but the absolute worst of it is that I now find myself, once again, at a complete dead stop until Thursday when the house is quiet enough to work on it again.  Only being able to record once a week is SUCH a hindrance to the entire affair. I really need to figure out an alternative, because if I’m going to have to record every track a billion times before I get a keeper, once a week is just not cutting it, in terms of time maintenance.

So, it’s not the best news for progress tonight. Hoping I’ll feel more optimistic, and potentially have an actual plan for how to avoid or work around the sound of my own breathing, after a good night’s sleep.

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