Holmdel Park – Ridge Walk and Beech Glen

I didn’t actually post my pics from yesterday’s walk, so I’m just going to do yesterday and today in one post.

Yesterday, I went for the Ridge Walk section, more or less.


Today is normally a head straight home day for me, but the weather was nice, and I’ll admit I had a ridiculous encounter with my indescribably toxic boss right before I left work, so I was fuming. I figured some time out in the woods would be good for the soul, and I was right. Felt much more optimistic after a short walk. But, since I did have stuff that needed to be done, I aimed for the short trail – Beech Glen, which is only roughly a half mile loop. I like Beech Glen all the same, it’s got this really relaxing little brook that runs along the one side, and listening to the water and birds takes the edge off after a rough day.


We’re expecting a surge of warm air and heat this week, so I’m glad to go when I can. I may be sequestered to the gym for the bulk of the week after this, but am hoping, with any luck, that I’ll be able to go to one of the other parks on Saturday.  Cheesequake is disappointingly out. This weekend starts the pay-to-park season, and while it’s not expensive, I’m not paying $10 just to hike when there are free options (spending a full day and chilling by the lake as well as hiking is a different conversation). I had hoped to get more Cheesequake hiking in before Memorial day, but the weather and other engagements conspired against me.  So, my weekend hikes will be at other parks for the duration of the nice weather, and then after Labor Day maybe I’ll get some Cheesequake pics up here.

I’m still waiting for a good weekend for the big hike up by the Delaware Water Gap, but so far the rain has been ruining my fun. Hopefully that will happen soon.


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