Weather wise, it’s a weird day. It smells like rain. The sky has looked like it’s about to burst all day. And yet, no rain. None. Up side, that means I got to exercise at the park. Down side, I may need an ark at some point this week, because it looks like when it rains, it’s going to POUR.

So, since it wasn’t raining, I decided to try to find the marsh trail today. I knew more or less where it was, and had planned in my head based on what I knew of the other trails where I should be able to pick it up. I was right, too, but didn’t realize it until after I backtracked and went a different way because the Holmdel Historical Society building threw me off (it seriously looked like I was appearing in someone’s back yard at first…). So, my hike took a good 20 minute detour. Up side, found some cool looking trees on the way.



Also, today I learned…that you’re supposed to use hashtags on instagram. …oh. I also learned that I’m going to have to change my settings in that app, or it’s going to be notifying me of stuff all night!