Dm Progress

So, with poetry ramblings aside, let’s get back to some music ramblings (and I’m aware I also have several nature pics I haven’t gotten around to/bothered to post here yet). I mentioned last week that I’d decided to add Dm to my guitar repertoire. What better way to do that than to compose a riff, and from there, a song?

Okay, sure, there are lots of ways to do that, but I find composing is more engaging than just trying to memorize someone else’s song, so that’s the route I went with.

This was kind of a weird way to compose a song, because going in my goal was ‘get Dm less fumbly’, so I really didn’t have the foggiest idea what I was even writing a song about. I would write half a chorus, deleted it, write a first verse, delete that, write half a chorus and a few lines of a verse, keep two lines of that delete the rest…for a while all I had was thee lines and kept deleting everything else. Yikes. That gives new meaning to “not going well”. But, hey, as long as I’m practicing.

Getting into Dm is still pretty fumbly, but I know which fingers to lay first to buy myself a second while getting the third into position without it sounding completely horrible and can achieve that…well, more than 50% of the time, at least.

So, in addition to everything else, I’ve roughed up a new song (that is currently in a horrible state, but will improve!)

(NOTE: Edited to replace totally crap recording with slightly less crap recording. 🙂 )

And, if you can’t, well, here’s how the lyrics look atm:

somewhere, a clock is ticking
a ship is sinking, do we have time?
we don’t have forever
someday the planets will collide.

and when the stars fall from the sky
and the sun feels free to up and die
when the end is left to the cast of dice
and the mountains fall into the sea
I still can’t say what you want to hear
I’m a person, not a fantasy.

Somewhere, a clock is ticking
a ship is sinking, do we have time?
we don’t have forever
someday the planets will collide.

I can see your toothy smile
it looks just like a crocodile’s
you can’t break through the bonds we fake
we still lie in the beds we make.

We keep all the promises we break.
you can’t force what’s not meant to be.
You’re still dreaming even once you wake.
How many lies do we have to tell
before we know each other well?

Somewhere, a clock is ticking
a ship is sinking, do we have time?
we don’t have forever
someday the planets will collide.

The rules you make, the games you play
I can’t keep up, or live this way.

We’re trapped together in a losing game
where to be alike, we have to be the same.
and if you can’t see it now,
we still have a little time,
but forever doesn’t take a final bow
we might leave early, but we don’t get to rewind.

Somewhere a clock is ticking,
a ship is sinking, as we collide…


The working title is “Time”, but I’m also considering “Collide” as a possibility. I’ll see what feels right as the song evolves into something that isn’t enough too make you cringe. And, guys, seriously, I won’t be saddened if you can’t get through it all. the sound quality is truly abysmal, but until I can play through it without cursing my hands, what horrors the mic is up to is really the least of my worries.  I’ll eventually get around to posting a cleaner version, but, I thought I should post something just to kind of mile-mark where I am with adding Dm to my repertoire at this point.

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