“You’re leaving? Sweet!”

The Roomie and I now have a joke that I make him feel unappreciated.

You see, he’s on vacation this week, and I, meanwhile, have myself on a tentative deadline with the poetry album.  As of my last update, you guys know I was a little behind where I expected to be on recordings, due to the Fates conspiring against me on my one recording night a week.

As a result, every time the Roomie says he’s going out somewhere, I drop everything and go “good, the longer you’re gone, the more work I can get done!” It’s a joke we’ve kind of run with. Going to the bank? “Good!” Taking a ride to grab a burger? “Great!”

The end result is as I type I have (fingers crossed) two pieces left to record. I snuck a lot of the super short pieces in first thing in the morning before he got up. Add that to my usual Thursday nights and every single time he runs to the store, and I’m only a bit behind my anticipated target.  I am really, really hoping to have the album done this month. I’m setting a soft goal of two weeks. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, but once the recordings are all clean, the fine tuning really shouldn’t take me more than a day or two.

At least, in theory. There’s also the little glitch that I’m waiting on a new set of headphones and/or an adapter for my good pair so I can use them with the lappy (whichever arrives first).

To make a not very long story…well, not very long… I had this really awesome pair of over ear headphones that had skulls on them. They were nothing fancy, but for the price did a bang up job, and I liked them…you know, because of the adorable skull pattern. (I know, I’m like a little kid sometimes.)  I was using them to listen for background noise in the tracks. I also had to start using them while digitizing my DVD library, because the backup laptop I’m using to do it (owing to the fact my lappy has no internal DVD drive, and the external DVD drive made me contemplate murder) suddenly lost it’s external speakers.

Weeeelll, while the headphones were plugged into the backup lappy, I – for some reason – got up rather abruptly, my toe got caught on the cable, pulled the headphones out of the hidey drawer on my desk, and yanked so hard that the plug part ripped in half, leaving the metal bit in the lappy port.  I managed to get the metal bit out of said port without damaging it, but I’m afraid unless I get really industrious with a soldering iron, the headphones are beyond repair.  So, I’m relegated to a pair of backup earbuds from 5 below until my new headphones arrive. That’s a significant change in sound quality, so I will likely delay release until I can listen to all the tracks with the new phones, which will hopefully not take more than a week or so to arrive. (Yes, I can go to the store and buy headphones, but I’m on a budget so something like this is more ‘inconvenience’ than ’emergency’, so online it is.)

So, that’s where things stand at the moment. I’m making the Roomie feel unloved, I murdered my favorite headphones in a freak accident of clumsiness, and I have two tracks left to record and -with a little luck- I won’t have to record any of these tracks again. If that ends up being the case, we are still looking at a June release, but we’ll see if I’m that lucky.

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