Holmdel Park 6/8/16

I have so many things I should tell you about first, like my big hike, and pics from weeks ago, and…things. I’ll get back to it eventually.

For now, we had an uncommonly cool day so I was SO hitting the park.  Disappointed that I forgot my camera though, and had to use my phone on a day I saw a whole deer family!

(Couldn’t snap the baby deer, too fast, but darted right out in front of me and ran off.). On a vaguely related note: are spots on deer like freckles on kids? I see baby ones always have white torso markings, but adults rarely do. Hmmmm …

Anyway, pictures!








More pics of other stuff coming soon.

2 thoughts on “Holmdel Park 6/8/16

    1. Yeah, I really favor the trail that wanders down to the marsh area and along the brook, but what I like about my local park is that I have several choices and can create a whole bunch of different loops that are all around a mile or so. It’s not the same exact walk every single day. Today was pretty muddy after a very heavy rain this afternoon, but worth it. I couldn’t pass it up on a day that wasn’t going to get above 70, not in June.


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