Bah. New tech.

Yesterday would have been a nice, temperate day for a walk, guys. It was gray, but nice and cool, and I don’t know how many more days like that I can expect with summer fast approaching here on the Jersey Coast.

Alas, it was not meant to be. The phone (and the reason this is relevant to this blog is that my phone is the device I used to make the recordings for the poetry album, due to it having better sound quality than my usb mic) abruptly put an end to itself.

There’s no dramatic story here. I didn’t drop it, it didn’t get hit by a car. It just plain 100% stopped out of nowhere. I knew I was going to have to upgrade soon, because it was not working at full capacity, but I also thought I would put it off in favor of that new couch I so desperately need.

Well, sufficed to say, I had to dip into the new couch fund (which was almost full! 😦  I was thinking I might be able to fund the new furniture if I found a deal and started window shopping. Now, that’s on the back burner again.) since as of 4 pm yesterday, I had no phone.

Of course, having no phone isn’t JUST having no phone these days. It’s having no phone, no clock, no mp3 player, no GPS, no internet, no walking app…and the list goes on until it finally culminates somewhere around solitaire. Now, I can live without boredom-sating solitaire, but no mp3 player is where I draw the line.

I knew the phone was, recently, not holding a charge as long as it used to. But, I also knew I had more than 50% battery when I was reading an ebook at 3pm, and at 4 pm the phone was just dead. Completely bone dry battery sort of dead. I plugged it in to charge. Didn’t get anything out of it at work. Plugged it into charge in the car (right after I went “…I’m going to have to listen to a CD… 😦 ” ), nada. Nothing. Other than it being hot to the touch and occasionally showing me a dead battery symbol.  The latter was actually an advantage; it told me the problem wasn’t with the screen (one of several chronic issues I had with the m8), but it didn’t solve the problem that I had no phone.

So, I had no choice but to skip the park on a nice day and haul ass over to Verizon.  I’m the cautiously optimistic owner of the HTC 10 now. Okay, by ‘cautiously optimistic’, I mostly mean ‘praying they fixed the host of problems the 8 had, because I was going to switch brands and maybe go for a samsung or LG or somesuch, but the sound quality on the HTC STILL blows the competition out of the water, so I’m sort of stuck with it if I’m not willing to give that up.’ And, it turns out I’m not, so I’m just crossing my fingers the 10 doesn’t turn into the nightmare the 8 did.

So, I lost stuff, since I can’t get my phone to boot up. Verizon’s cloud apparently just didn’t decide to back up any contacts I’ve added within the past 2 years or so, so I lost about 50% of my phone numbers. Doctors, I  don’t care about. I can google that and find it later. But I lost phone numbers and addresses for several friends, too.  I don’t think I lost any photos, since I’m generally pretty quick to transfer them to my PC/external drive, which gets backed up regularly, but I definitely lost at least 3 or 4 songs/poems in progress that were chilling in my notepad app, as well as my list of all the bands that people have recc’d to me that I hadn’t gotten around to checking out yet.

I’m feeling sort of ‘meh’ about it. If I could get the old phone to boot up, it’s the contacts and the notepad files I’d be trying to retrieve, mostly, but there’s not a heck of a lot I can do about it, so there’s no reason to stress. There’s literally nothing anyone can do. I couldn’t get it to turn on. Verizon couldn’t get it to turn on. It’s just decided to make a career chance from cell phone to paper weight, and the rest of us just have to buck up and accept it’s decision.

Other than learning a new phone, the main thing that bugs me at the moment is the fact I have to get all new accessories. New case? Sure! After 2 years I kind of look forward to something different.Screen protector? Whatever? They’re cheap.  But do you really need to keep changing the pluggy bit so I need to keep buying new charging wires and a new FM transmitter EVERY 2 YEARS?  Do you know how many micro-usb cables I’ve got? None of them do me a lick of good though, because the new model has switched to a USB-C. Mercifully, I’ve found that my cheap, backup FM Transmitter runs via the headphone port, but the one that’s actually reliable? Yeah, I have zero use for that anymore and will have to replace it. Charging cables? I had them strategially placed – house, office, car, and purse. Now, I have to carry my cable around with me and pray I don’t lose it until I stock up again.

And, there’s that fun neurosis of being extra gentle with a new phone while waiting for a case and screen protector to arrive – where you order the one you really want, and then also order another one that you may/may not even like, just because it’s cheap and ships from somewhere very local to you, so you know should arrive in less than a week.

Apparently, my old phone decided to live JUUUST long enough to finish recording ‘Stone Throw’, and then end it all.

So, no new couch yet. But, more optimistically, I’ve been hoarding cash $20 at a time for a new couch, which means that this wasn’t the huge financial blow it could have been (I still get to pay my bills this month). And, they had the wrong promo out, so I’ll be getting $100 credit, which isn’t so much money I can put toward the couch, but it does mean a month that I won’t have to pay my phone bill, which helps soften the blow.

I’ve got some new songs in the works, though, so I’ll test out the sound quality of the new phone soon, and see if it’s still going to hold up for basic recording purposes before I get too deep into the 2nd poetry album.

Ah, life. You sure keep me on my toes…

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