I don’t think I posted these yet. If it’s a double post, oops? I forget to take things off of my camera sometimes. This is the last time at Jamesburg Park Conservation Area for the season, most likely. The JPCA is pretty swampy, so when the weather gets hot, the bugs are a bit of overkill. This last time, I ended up taking a tick home with me. Yuck. And, note to self – pat down after hiking in Jamesburg, now that I know it’s a tick-infested swamp.  It didn’t get a good grip so it was no big deal to pluck the little bastard off, but I don’t want to be bringing that kind of crap home to my pets, to say the least. That means this one is one is one I’ll now only be visiting when the weather is not as bug-friendly.

Besides, I’ve since discovered some nicer trails in the area, so there’s that. Still, there’s something to be said for variety.