Thompson Park – Lincroft

Ok guys, this is the last one, and then I’m all up to date on photo uploads. I took these today at Thompson Park (Lincroft) on a hike with the roomie. We ended up taking a different hike than I’d planned on around the Marlu Lake area, since there was a soccer game going on, so the lot I wanted to park in was full. That meant we would have had to hike to the hike I was planning on. So, we ended up going a different route instead.  There’s still a lot of exploring of this park I have to do, but on the weekends I try to do something local, but not Holmdel, to mix things up.  This one is about a 20 minute drive or so, and while my walking app decided not to map for me today, it would have been pretty hard to get lost on the hike we did.

I’ll take an aside at this point to mention that you can always visit my instagram (@sonicshel) if you want to see the pics in a more punctual sort of way than on the blog. What I’m doing now is taking most of the shots with both the camera and phone, uploading the phone shots to instagram within a day or so of them happening, and uploading the ones from the camera here whenever I happen to bother plugging the thing in. The logic of doing both is that the phone can upload quickly to instagram, but the camera takes higher resolution photos, which is massively better for redbubble(szmarsh).  I may be a horrible self-promoter (because…blah), but I also am not stupid enough to not give myself every possible opportunity to make a few bucks. Besides, I have a mostly decent camera, and it’s stupid that I never use it.

Both the instagram and the redbubble are linked in the menu on the blog for easy access, if you are so inclined.

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