Thompson Park (Monroe Twp) Conservation Area

I finally figured out where I can park to pick up some of the trails at Thompson Park in Monroe.  This one ended up being a much more time-consuming hike than I expected it to be, but pretty. It’s definitely a boot sort of hike – kind of glad I forgot my sneakers that day.  Some of the creek crossings are bridge-less. They’re easy crossings, but can get pretty muddy, and I’m pretty sure my feet would have felt a little soggy from the mud by the end of it. My hiking boots, though? They’re waterproof, and if they look a little mud-caked, well, that just gives them trail-cred, right? Right.

Will revisit these trails another time, but probably only on a day when I have a bit of time to work with. Since it took me about an hour or so to do the loop I did, that takes a good chunk out of a work night. There are other trails at this park that I can check out, and several ways to create loops out of them, but this particular loop isn’t feasible unless I can afford to burn an extra half hour beyond my usual park walks.

I read an article a while ago that listed the TPCA as one of the 15 nicest hikes under 5 miles in New Jersey.  Something like that. I don’t know if I’d call it that. It’s too lofty a claim. Is it a nice hike? Yes. Is it nicer than the ton of short hikes that I’ve already posted about on here? Not really.  I mean, come on guys, surely by now, browsing through my pics, you’ve realized that all the smack talk about my home state is just smack talk, right? NJ is really pretty once you get your butt off the highways.

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