Hisonic HS308L Microphone – first impression

Hey, look guys, it’s a music post! I know I’ve mostly been up to photo posts lately (and I do have several photos to add of my recent walks, when I find some time), but, sue me: it’s nice out.  That doesn’t mean music things haven’t been happening, though.

This week, I bought a cheap mic after discovering the one in my closet was deader than dead. That’s to be expected, really; it was probably 20 years old. Why was I after a proper mic? Well, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been recording everything on my phone because it trumps my usb mic on my computer. The long and short of it is that my HTC m8 died a vicious, horrible, abrupt seizure death, and I had to get a new one (in spite of the issues I had with the m8, I’ve gone with the HTC 10, because, yeah, still the best sound quality on the market)… ANYWAY, I’m not really happy with the sound quality on the ‘Stone Throw’ poetry album, and I’m having trouble with sound balance when I play guitar with a pick, so that got me digging through my drawers for that old microphone…which, yeah, kaput.

I would have liked to buy something of a similar quality to what I had (I can’t tell you what it was, because the label wore off several years ago, but I remember in the 90s it retailed at around $60-70. Add inflation, and that means I probably had roughly the equivalent of a $100 mic.), but that just was not an option. I just had to buy a new phone. I’m still trying, and mostly failing, to save up for a new couch. But, I decided it was worth a look to see if I could find a deal, on the understanding that, while I couldn’t get equivalent to what I had on my shoestring budget, I did stand a chance of finding something better than my current equipment for recording purposes. A sort of hold over, if you will.

And, I found the Hisonic HS308L, which seemed to have surprisingly good reviews (at least for using it wired, which is what I was looking for anyway), and which could land at my door for under $30.


Out of the box, it’s well packaged. Significantly lighter than my old mic, but metal, and with enough weight that it doesn’t completely feel like a toy. You won’t give anyone a concussion with it (lol. My old mic totally could have.), but the overall feel of it is decent.

Next up was to plug it in and see what happened. I hooked it up to my guitar amp (Marshall MG10CF). Maxing the volume out on the amp I didn’t get a lot of volume out of the mic, but I got enough that I could – with some creative phone placement, get the vocals to not be swallowed by the guitar.

And, actually guys, for a mic that retails at under $30, it sounds pretty damn good.

(Note: did not bother to clean this track up at all, so whatever background noise there is and whatever fuck ups I made are staying.  I’m still practicing and ironing out this song, so I definitely hit a few sour chords.)

Do I expect it to live forever? No, of course not. It cost me less than 30 bucks, so if it lasts me through the year (aka – until I can possibly get myself something more on par with the one that died), then I’ll consider it money well spent.

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