Strings are weird.

Observation: different strings go different kinds of weird when they start to die. You’d think once you’ve had a set start to go on you, you’d know what to expect going forward. But, I’ve been trying different strings just about every time I swap them out. After all, my hands and ears won’t know what they like best if I don’t try lots of different stuff.

Since I’ve been working with my acoustic guitar a lot recently (a lot = just about daily, for anywhere between 30 minutes and several hours) I can say with some certainty that no two brands I’ve tried age quite the same, so the warning signs that it’s about that time can vary. So, I’ve been needing a string swap around every month or two.

With my Dean Markley strings, everything still sounded good, except…there was something really off about the G string. Then, when I went to change them, the second the pressure was relieved, the thing unravelled on me.

D’Addario’s just sort of start sounding flat and/or snap, in my limited experience with them.

The Ernie Balls it seems it mostly gets harder and harder to get a clean sounding chord until one of the strings gets shrill, or sort of…wiggly. (I know, I’m using some high tech guitar lingo here, aren’t I?).

The point is, as I work through different strings, I find each new type is a whole new adventure.  Several of them really do still sound great up to the end. A lot of the ones I’ve tried don’t get that ‘dead’ sound, really (point of reference, though: I don’t like the overly bright sound of new strings. If you do, your opinion and mine are going to vary.).  This is one of those guitar lessons that’s a lesson that has nothing to do with playing I guess. I’d planned to sit down and work with the mic and guitar a bit more, practice a few different songs and see if the same settings work across the board…but man, my strings just were not agreeing with me! At first I thought it was me just playing badly, but it became apparent pretty quickly when one string kept coming up either too flat or too shrill, and then another started doing this wobbly thing (as if you plucked a very loose string with a pick – that sort of sound.)

So, I guess tonight it’s time to change strings again.  Digging through my pile, I’ve decided to go with the Foehn strings. In a month or two, I’ll get to learn all over again how a new-to-me brand starts to wheeze out it’s final breaths. lol.

It’s always an adventure…


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