Thomson Park – Lincroft

And, finally, this past Saturday the roomie and I went to Thompson Park in Lincroft again. There was no soccer game this time, and the lot nearest the trail maps was open, so I was able to park where I pleased and actually create a loop this time. I’m still not hugely familiar with this park, but we did part of the Reservioir Loop. The full Reservoir Loop comes in at just a bit shy of 5 miles, I think, and while I might have tried that on an industrious day with nothing else to do, roomie and I aren’t necessarily in stellar shape, so I studied the map for a minute to figure out how to trim it, and turned it into about a 2 mile hike.

It was a MUCH nicer day than the last time we tried this, so we probably could have done more than we ended up doing, if we had all the time in the world to, you know, have fun getting lost in the woods. 🙂  Actually, this time, my GPS was actually working at this park, so my walking app was tracking. It would have been impossible to get lost. (Never mind that later, in the middle of town, the phone wouldn’t pick up a GPS signal to save a life and I basically had to guess my way to and fro.  Awesome, I’ve already found the annoying quirk of my new phone. GPS may or may not function because…no reason.) Anyway, my point is, there’s still a lot of this park I’d like to explore, and one of these days I hope to have enough time/energy/fair weather to see what the full reservior loop looks like, but Saturday was not that day.

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