I still have a few things on my to-do list to talk about, like the concert I went to on Saturday, but as always I’m short on time so I’m tackling thoughts not in the order that they happened, but in the order they’ll be quickest to write about.

SO, a bunch of stuff in poetry land has been bouncing around in the blender in my brain.

Firstly, that I’m still very unsatisfied with the quality of ‘Stone Throw’, and though I’ve decided it’s time to let that album be what it is (at least for now. I do not rule out a v2 once I’m a bit more experienced with getting albums together), I also don’t want to produce another album I’m this unsatisfied with, so in the interest of moving forward, I need to figure out the best next step to improve from where I am in the grand recording scheme of things.

Secondly, that I got this mic which, hopefully, with some lo-fi creativity, a bit of elbow grease, and some very good luck can create a better quality recording.

Thirdly, that a friend confirmed a concern of mine with the first poetry album – that with the vocals only, it is very difficult to create noticeable breaks without making those breaks overly long.

All that and other things have been batting around in my brain, mixing it up into a nice puree of thought which eventually congealed into ‘maybe I’m overthinking how complex background tracking actually is’ which turned into ‘maybe chord arpeggios or some random note plucking on my various instruments would be enough to add a bit of flavor to the poems and help balance it all out’. And about 3 seconds after that thought, ‘what the hell, let’s try it and see how it goes!’

So, I grabbed two poems off of ‘Stone Throw’, and my guitar, and my uke (I did not grab a bass because I would have had to plug in for any of them to be audible at all in recording, but I am not ruling out bass as being a potential part of this mix by any stretch, just ruled it out for the practice track for sake of expedience) and plunked my phone on my desk.

These are rough and pretty raw, especially the one I used the guitar on, but it gives you a gist.

So, any opinions, guys? Do the poems ‘do it for you’ with this kind of laid back approach to backing tracks? Like it? Hate it? I’ll take any cricket noises as you having literally no opinion whatsoever.